The Honorable Thomas E. Hartman, Mayor, by Executive Order in the Year of Our Lord 2009, has decreed that a permanent Virtual Memorial be established on the pages of the Galva Website honoring those men and women, living and dead, from the City of Galva that have served or are serving their country in our nation's armed forces.

Many of the veterans we honor here have only a tangential connection to our fair city. However slight the connection, circumstances dictated that many of those should receive their final resting place in our cemetery; hence, we are determined to honor their service on these pages; we are determined to embrace them as Galvans; we are determined that they will not be forgotten.

Others served that were born, lived and perhaps even died within the corporate limits or our humble municipality but have their final resting place elsewhere: some in foreign lands, some in national cemeteries, others in cities and states that lay claim to them on their passing. All are sons of Galva, and we honor them on these pages.

Those That Forfeited Life In Service To Their Country



Honoring Those That Served And Those Serving...

Civil War Wall of Honor

Spanish - American War Wall of Honor

World War I Wall of Honor

World War II Wall of Honor

Korean War Wall of Honor

Vietnam War Wall of Honor

Operation Enduring Freedom*

War on Terror Wall of Honor*


*Due to the sensitive nature of displaying the names of servicemen that have honorably served in what is commonly called the Global War On Terror (GWOT), the City of Galva will not publish the names of our warriors on this site until and unless we have received written permission from the servicemen and women involved in defending us from our sworn enemies.

Before such permission is granted, the City of Galva encourages each serviceman to contact their Public Affairs Office (PAO) to discuss the decision.

As permission is granted, names will be added. Until such time as they are published, the City of Galva wishes to thank you all for preventing what we dread.


When a man accomplishes something beyond his natural power, or beyond his years, or beyond the measure of people like him, or in a special way, or at a special place or time, his deed will have a high degree of nobleness, goodness, and justice....And the best part of a good thing is particularly good; as when Pericles in his funeral oration said that the country's loss of its young men in battle was "as if the spring were taken out of the year".