Giving back to Galva can take many forms. From voting in city-wide elections to serving on a board or commission; volunteering to safe-guard life and property as a storm watcher, fireman or emergency medical technician; enhancing the beauty of our municipality by planting flowers or painting signs; contributing to the vibrancy of small-town life by assisting with community events like our July 4th, Christmas and Easter celebrations; honoring our veterans by removing hats and placing hands on hearts as they present the colors during parades, Veterans Day and Memorial Day remembrances; mingling with friends and sponsoring gatherings we have come to call "Lunch in the Park" which, by the way, is just one of many functions the Galva Chamber of Commerce touches each year; supporting our schools through Boosters, and GalFEE and those less fortunate through the many clubs and organizations that make small town life quite grand; and many other besides.

What do all of these have in common?

They are all participatory in nature. Making a gift, whether it be a gift of your time and effort or a gift of money, each is a participatory event of some significance.

Whether your gift is large or your gift is small, giving enhances our community and provides an opportunity to leave behind a lasting legacy.


Because the City of Galva desires to achieve recognition as a worthy object of bequests and lifetime gifts, and because potential donors have expressed interest in making tax deductible gifts to the City, consistent with Sections 1601 and 2932 of the Internal Revenue Code, the City of Galva has established an endowment fund pursuant to the authority granted it under 65 ILCS 5/2-2-12 and 11-61-1.5 of the Illinois Municipal Code.

Donors who make contributions to the endowment fund not only make a difference during their lifetime but provide a gift that lasts forever. Your gift, invested over time is a permanent source of community capital, helping to do good work now and in the future.

Generally, unless instructed otherwise by the donor, the principal of the endowment fund will remain invested, and the income realized therefrom will be utilized for the funding of City services and programs and capital improvements.

You may donate to the fund via PayPal or by credit card by clicking the donate button in this section.

Alternately, you may donate to the Endowment Fund by sending or bringing a check by City Hall with "Endowment Fund" notated in the memo line of your check.

If you wish to provide additional guidance on the use of your gift, please contact the Galva City Administrator at (309) 932 - 2555.

For gifts to other city functions, please click on one of the headings below.

Founded in 1989, the Galva Arts Council (GAC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing, promoting, and fostering a unified identity for the arts in the Galva area. We do this through the promotion, presentation, and appreciation of the arts.

Throughout the year, GAC hosts a variety of events for the community to enjoy and participate in. A tradition since 1992, the Coffeehouse Music Series has brought a variety of performers to and from the area to share their talents. At the end of November, we kick off the holiday season with an “Ol’ Fashioned Christmas” event. Guests are invited to enjoy lunch, view the miniature Christmas trees on display, kids can make a Christmas craft and visit with Santa, and then you can enjoy an evening of music at the Christmas Coffeehouse.

In the summer, you can smell the flowers and view the beautiful gardens of our community members on our Garden Walk, participate and enjoy amazing photos on display at our annual photo show, and come enjoy music in Wiley Park. Started in 2018, the Levitt AMP Galva Music Series brings 10 weeks of free, family-friendly concerts to beautiful Wiley Park, featuring performers from all over the globe.

All of these events and more are provided to the community and surrounding area by the Galva Arts Council for free or a small fee.


To donate to GAC, please send checks payable to "Galva Arts Council" to:


Galva Arts Council

PO Box 29 Galva, IL 6143


To make a donation to the Galva Arts Council using PayPal, click the donate button below:


To donate to the Levitt AMP Galva Music Series, please send checks payable to:

"Galva Arts Council" with a memo of "Levitt" to:


Levitt AMP Galva Music Series

PO Box 27 Galva, IL 61434


To make a donation to the Levitt AMP concert series using PayPal, click the donate button below:



Some info on GAC's endowment fund:

Galva Arts Council founding member Marge Dickinson set up the Charles "Scott" Dickinson Endowment Fund in honor of her late husband. This endowment will help ensure that the GAC will be a driving force in promoting the arts in the Galva area for years to come. If you would like to contribute, there are a couple ways to do it:

1. Mail a check and make it payable to: The Galesburg Community Foundation. In the memo line please list the "Galva Arts Council Endowment Fund." Mail the check to:


Galesburg Community Foundation

246 E. Main St., Suite 101 Galesburg, IL 61401


2. You can also give online at, click "make a gift" in the top right corner, and type in "Galva Arts Council Endowment Fund", and it will appear at the bottom of the screen with action instructions.

*Please note that a 3.75% processing fee is applied to all credit card transactions and will be absorbed by the fund receiving your gift. This fee covers merchant bank fees and will not affect the tax deductible status of your total gift.

ILCS 95/2 allows the city's cemetery association to receive and hold in perpetual trust money, funds, securities and property given, donated or bequeathed to it, and may convert the property, funds and securities into money which must be invested and kept invested.

The principal of the fund must be kept intact, meaning only the income arising from the investment may be used, with no exceptions.

If you would like to donate securities or make a gift of land or other real property to the Fund, please contact the City Administrator's office at (309) 932 - 2555.

To make a monetary donation to the city's Perpetual Care Fund, simply click on the donate button below.


Life and property funds include the Galva Police Department, the Galva Fire Department, and the Galva Emergency Services and Disaster Agency (ESDA).

Your generous donation to one of our property and life departments will be used to purchase much needed equipment and/or defray their every day operating expenses.

Please pick your favorite department below and make your donation today:


Galva Police Department


Galva Fire Department


Emergency Services & Disaster Agency


Galva Freedom Fest is one of our city's most visible volunteer committees. Providing an array of activities during our Fourth of July celebration, the Committee works year round to ensure the success of freedom from the British crown day with events for both children and adults alike.

Culminating in a spectacular fireworks display, the committee's hard work has consistently drawn upwards of 10,000 people to Galva for the day's activities.

As volunteers, no one on the committee receives a salary or remuneration of any kind, so you can be confident that one hundred percent (100%) of your generous donation is applied solely to the expense of providing for this unique Galva tradition.


The Galva Historical Society was organized at a community meeting on 22 April, 1987 and received its non-for-profit charter ten days later.

Purchase of a site for a museum was approved at a special meeting on 26 August, 1987.

The site chosen was the home of one of the founders of Galva, William L. Wiley.

Existing solely to keep and record the history of Galva, Illinois, the museum relies on your generous contributions to continue the good work begun in 1987.

Your donation of $100 not only will be recognized by a one year membership in the Society, but will bring to your mailbox the Historical Society's newsletter which is published three times throughout the year. In addition, as a token of appreciation for your generosity, the Society will provide an extraordinary gift in return: The three disc set of all 327 issues of Galvaland magazine which the Society scanned, one issue at a time, onto computer discs as Portable Document Files (.pdf) but also the index disc allowing you to find a favorite story, person or event from Galva's past by issue and page number (see a sample).

Galva Land magazines icon


Sign me up for a one year membership, which includes the three newsletters, the complete THREE DISC SET of scanned GalvaLand magazines, and the Index to the magazines on disc!



If you are already a member, your one hundred dollar ($100.00) donation will still get you the three disc set of GalvaLand magazine plus the Index on disc, while extending your membership in the Galva Historical Society for an additional year.


Already have the set but still want to help the Society continue its good work? Use the button below to donate another amount to the Galva Historical Society.