Board of Health

The Board of Health exists pursant to Section 117 of Article II, Chpater IX of the Municipal Code of Galva passed and adopted on 17 April, 1930. Its members are appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the City Council.

The Board of Health has the power to make rules and regulations governing the care, quarantining and prevention of the spread of contagious diseases and other matters related to the public health.

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The Mission of the Kewanee Community Drug and Alcohol Task Force is to decrease the use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs among youth in the Kewanee area.



The vision that unites our efforts is: to decrease the use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs among youth in the Kewanee area so that the entire community will work toward common goals to change the culture of alcohol and drug use.




It is not lawful for a person to operate a food-service establishment, tavern, temporary food-service establishment, mobile unit or retail food store within Henry County who does not possess a valid permit issued to him by the Health Authority of Henry County.

The Health Authority in Henry County is either the Administrator of the Henry County Health Department or the Health Officer of the Henry County Health Department, or their designees.

Henry County does provide exemptions from the Henry County Food Ordinance to the following entities:

  1. Establishments that have only prepackaged non-potentially hazardous food and whose principal order of business is not to sell food for human consumption.
  2. Establishments that prepare of serve food on less than three (3) consecutive days and/or no more than twelve (12) days in any one calendar year.
  3. Cooperative arrangements by persons who purchase food or beverages for their own consumption where no person is assigned full-time responsibility fro such arrangements.
  4. Farmer's markets offering produce and other non-potentially hazardous foods.

The Health Authority is responsible for inspecting and regulating all food establishments that fall within its purview in the City of Galva. A food establishment's evaluation score is posted on the Henry & Stark County Health Department website after each inspection.