Municipal Cemetery

The City of Galva operates a single cemetery, which, by Ordinance, is called the "Galva Cemetery." The municipality's cemetery is located on US Route 17, just south of the Galva Park District at the edge of town on the east side of the road. Encompassing more than forty acres, the cemetery is under the supervision of the Cemetery Sexton, Street Supervisor Richard Plummer, and is maintained by the municipality's Street Department. For more information about the Galva Cemetery, follow the links below, or read the DYK (Did You Know) in the accompanying sidebar.

Cemetery Maps

With this information, you can locate the physical grave by clicking on the cemetery overview map. The printable overview map will display the location of each Block in the cemetery. By clicking on the Block number, in this case Block 17, a printable Block map will be displayed that will show you where Lot 17 lies in relation to all of the other lots in Block 17. Keeping in mind that the top of the printed page is always North, you can find Grave 5 from our example by finding the northern most grave in the Lot, which will always be Grave 1, then travel south four Graves to Grave Space 5.

The map room contains an overview of the Galva Cemetery that you may print for your own personal use.

Clicking on a Block Number on the overview map will bring up a corresponding view of that Block Number which may help you in locating a specific grave space.

Rates And Fees

From time-to-time, the Galva City Council revises the rates and fees schedule for Galva Cemetery, including grave digging rates, disinternment rates, space and perpetual care rates, and permit fees.

Cemetery FAQ

For general questions about the Galva Cemetery, check the cemetery FAQ

Sexton's FAQ

For questions about grave site specifications, stones and monuments, trees and shrubs, mausoleums, traffic regulations and other items you may have questions about, check the Sexton's FAQ.