Galva Parks

Galva is home to three municipal parks and host to the Galva Park District, which was annexed by the City in 1968.

The City of Galva's Street Department is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of Washington Park, Wiley Park, and Veteran's Park.

The Galva Park District Board is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of Park District assets (land, buildings and equipment). Even though the City of Galva annexed the Park District in order to provide municipal services such as police and fire protection, and water and sewer connections, the Park District, much like the Galva Library District, is its own taxing authority (jurisdiction).

Galva Park District

Thirty-three acres is ample room for the vast range of amenities the Galva Park District has to offer residents and visitors alike. Stroll into the park down the tree-lined memorial walkway, drive in and park, or park along the street in front of the concession stand if you just want to catch a ball game.


  • three large pavilions, one small pavilion
  • two tennis courts and two basketball courts
  • 186,000 gallon heated swimming pool with wading pool
  • dressing rooms and rest rooms
  • children's playground
  • softball diamond, hardball diamond and t-ball diamond
  • bleachers and concession stand
  • four horse shoe pits
  • miniature golf

Washington Park

Originally designated as part of Galva's Industrial Development Area, Washington Park now serves as a buffer between the industrial development to the north and the residential area to the south of the Burlington Northern Sante Fe Railroad.

At any given time, you will find children at play, family reunions, or other events taking place in the park. Oftentimes, the park is used as a practice area for Galva's many soccer and t-ball teams.


  • pavilion
  • basketball hoops
  • public rest rooms
  • playground equipment

Wiley Park

Arguably, the City's most popular park for social gatherings and events, beautiful Wiley Park is home to the Galva Car Show, the annual awards banquet for Abilities Plus, the annual Tractor Show, Art Jam, multiple "pancake" events and talent shows, the starting and ending point for the annual 5K run, and, weather permitting, an old fashioned outdoor ice skating rink!


  • large pavilion
  • covered stage (for plays and concerts)
  • disk golf course
  • public rest rooms
  • two playgrounds
  • large open spaces
  • backstop
  • three street ball hoops
  • gazebo
  • ice skating rink

Veteran's Park

Dedicated to those Galvan's that gave their lives in defense of our freedom, beautiful Veteran's Park provides the perfect balance of landscaped green space to Galva's downtown area.

Home to Galva's renowned "lunch in the park" series and the City's traditional Christmas light display, visitors and residents alike enjoy the repose and sometimes bustle of this Galva landmark.


  • gazebo
  • fountain
  • Santa's house
  • open picnic area
  • benches
  • landscaping
  • canon
  • WWI memorial
  • WWII memorial
  • Vietnam War memorial
  • Sgt. Patch memorial
  • walking path