Zoning Board

The Zoning Board of Appeals hears applications for variations in the regulations of the Zoning Ordinance. More about the duties and responsibilities of the Board can be found in the business section of this website on the zoning page.


The Zoning Board of Appeals and the office of the Zoning Administrator was established by Ordinances which have become incorporated into the Galva City Code as Chapter 12 of Title 6 ("Zoning Administration and Enforcement").

The Zoning Administrator is, by Ordinance, the Building Commissioner (commonly referred to as the Building Inspector) of the City of Galva and is appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the City Council.

The Board consists of seven (7) members, appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the city council. One member of the board is designated by the Mayor, with the consent of the city council, as chairman of the Board.

To Become A Member

To be considered for the next open position on the Zoning Board of Appeals, please submit a Volunteer Application to the Mayor's office located in City Hall. If you have trouble downloading or viewing the application, please contact city hall at (309) 932 - 2555.