Cemetery Board of Managers

The Cemetery Board of Managers was first appointed by the Mayor of Galva in 1918. They held their first meeting on February 1, 1918 and delivered their first report to the Galva Council on February 4, 1918.

The Galva City Council codified the duties of the Cemetery Board of Managers by Ordinance on May 2, 1944.

The Board

The Mayor of Galva appoints three members to the Board with the advice and consent of the City Council.

These members consist of a President, a Clerk, and a Treasurer.


The Cemetery Board of Managers was empowered by the City Council to receive gifts, donations, devices or bequests of any sum not less than fifty dollars ($50.00). These were to be kept in perpetual trust for the maintenance, care, repairs, up-keep or ornamentation of the cemetery.

Property donated to the Galva Cemetery that is not needed by the Cemetery can be converted by the Board of Managers into cash and invested for the benefit of the Cemetery.

The Galva City Council ordained that the principal amount in the perpetual care fund will remain intact in perpetuity (the principle must never be spent) and that only the income received from the invested principle may be spent.