Planning Commission

The Plan Commission reviews petitions for certain special use permits (e.g., running a business in a residential neighborhood out of your home) and all changes to the Galva Zoning Ordinance. More about the duties and responsibilities of the Commission can be found in the business section of this website on the planning page.

Authority To Create

The authority of a municipality to create and staff a plan commission was not granted by the State until 1961, although plan commissions established before 1961 were allowed to "continue to function." This authority can be found at 65 ILCS 5/11-12-4, which states, in part:

Every municipality may create a plan commission or a planning department or both. A plan commission shall be appointed by a mayor of a city or president of a village board subject to confirmation by the corporate authorities. Members of the plan commission shall reside within the municipality or within the territory contiguous to the municipality and not more than one and one-half miles beyond the corporate limits and not included within any other municipality.

To Become A Member

To be considered for the next open position on the Plan Commission, please submit a Volunteer Application to the Mayor's office located in City Hall. If you have trouble downloading or viewing the application, please contact city hall at (309) 932 - 2555.