Street Department

The Galva Street Department is responsible for a wide variety of related issues throughout the city. These include brush and yard waste pickup and disposal, street and alley maintenance, tree and shrub maintenance, park and cemetery maintenance, and snow removal.


The City of Galva provides a free brush pick up service to its residential customers. This service is provided on a bi-monthly basis as time permits.

To have your brush picked up, ensure that your brush pile does not exceed eight (8) feet in length, that it is neatly bundled and that it is placed parallel to the curb so that it may be scooped into one of our commercial buckets or moved with a fork lift.

Please keep in mind that although brush may include parts of trimmed trees, it does not include entire trees that have been taken down by you or a commercial tree removal service. If you are having a tree taken down, make sure that you or your contractor has provided for the disposal of the tree. You may call City Hall at (309) 932 - 2555 for instructions on when and where to dispose of trees.


The Superintendent of Streets is charged with the care and superintendency of the Galva Cemetery. It is his duty to keep hedges and fences trimmed and in good repair; to keep the grass mowed and weeds in check; to trim, cultivate and mulch trees, shrubs and vines; to keep walks and drives free and unobstructed; to dig all graves when required; and to prevent injury and defacing of gravestones, tablets or other monuments.

The Galva Cemetery is a public burial place comprising about forty-three acres and containing well over 7,000 graves

Snow removal

The Street Department is responsible for removing snow from public streets, as well as sanding and or salting streets and intersections during ice storms. In anticipation of snow and ice storms, the Superintendent of Streets prepares the City's snow plows and stockpiles sand, salt and ice melt.

Because snow and ice storms oftentimes do not conveniently occur during normal working hours, the Superintendent ensures that enough operators are scheduled for after hour events, including round-the-clock operations if required.

It is unlawful to park any vehicle on any public street at any time within eight (8) hours after a snowfall of one inch or more has occurred unless the snow has been plowed off or otherwise removed from the street. Any vehicle parked or occupying any portion of a street in violation of this restriction is subject to being towed and impounded at the owner's expense.

If you want to use your snowmobile, by ordinance you must stay on the Snowmobile Route.

Street and alley maintenance

All public streets, alleys, sidewalks and other public ways are under the supervision of the Superintendent. The Superintendent of Streets has supervision over all work thereon and the cleaning thereof and the Superintendent or his agent may effect the enforcement all ordinances and provisions relating to such public places (with the exception of traffic ordinances).

It is unlawful to construct or lay any pavement on any public street, sidewalk, alley or other public way or to repair the same without first having secured a permit therefor. Applications for such permits shall be made to the City Clerk.

Yard waste

The Street Department will pick up and dispose of residential yard waste from residents of the City of Galva on the First and Third Mondays of the Months of April through October (inclusive). No person shall set out for pick up, or cause to be set out for pick up, any yard wastes prior to 5:00 PM on Sunday immediately prior to the established pick up date, nor later than 7:00 AM on the day of yard waste pickup. Any yard wastes set out subsequent to pick up shall be immediately removed form the curb lawn area within 48 hours.

Yard waste is specifically limited to: vegetation, leaves, wood chips, grass clippings, garden waste such as weeds and stalks, and small branches and other tree of shrub parts small enough to fit into a yard waste bag.

A yard waste bag is one that is biodegradeable, up to fifty gallons in size, and when filled must weigh fifty (50) pounds or less.

Each bag must have an official label on it before it will be picked up.

Labels for use on lawn waste bags must be purchased from the City. There will be a charge of $2.00 for each label purchased.

What to do if you have yard waste to dispose of in the months of November through March?

  1. Call City Hall at (309) 932 - 2555 to schedule a pick up date
  2. Based on the scheduled pick up date bag your waste, tag your waste, and set it out for the street department