Sexton's FAQ


Most importantly, the construction of a mausoleum must be approved by the Cemetery Board of Managers prior to construction, but some general things to keep in mind about mausoleums are: (1) They cannot be erected in front of or in back of an existing mausoleum (2) They are limited to one burial high and two burial sites wide and cannot exceed four feet in height or eight feet in length (3) You must purchase four grave spaces for a mausoleum, and the mausoleum has to be centered in the middle of those four spaces (4) The Cemetery Board of Managers must not only approve the construction of a mausoleum, but also the construction type, so always check with them before proceeding.

15 mile per hour

Always park on one of the driveways in a manner that limits interference with other vehicles needing to use the driveway. Vehicles that are part of a funeral procession may park along the driveways or as directed by the Superintendent. Vehicles are not allowed to be driven across any lots.

No fences or walls are allowed.

Graves shall not be raised or mounded to such a height as to interfere with the mowing of grass.

Make sure your marker is made of granite with a granite base. New concord or new westerly granite is not permitted. Markers have to be one-piece and cannot be any larger than two feet by one foot. Make sure your installer knows that the marker can only be placed at the head of the grave. Markers have to rest on concrete foundations and the foundations have to be at least four feet deep. Your marker foundation has to extend six inches on all sides from the base of the marker.

Marker and monument foundations should be poured with a one to six mix with aggregate well graded as to sand and course aggregate.

Like markers, make sure your monument is granite with a granite base; and like markers, new concord or new westerly granite cannot be used. Monuments have to be placed twenty-four inches from the east line to the center of the base. Monuments have to rest on concrete foundations and the concrete used in the erection of any monument shall be a one to six mix with aggregate well graded as to sand and course aggregate. The foundation for all monuments has to be at least five feet deep, and all monument foundations must extend six inches on all sides from the base of the monument. A monument cannot exceed a height of four feet.

Stone urns and stone benches are allowed, so long as they are placed upon a concrete base of sufficient depth to prevent displacement by freezing weather; and so long as the concrete base extends a distance of six inches beyond the widest part of the urn or bench.

No shrubs, vines, flowers or trees can be planted on any lot in the cemetery. By ordinance, the superintendent has the authority to remove any shrub, tree, vine or flower whether planted on a lot or not when the same interferes with the free use of any walk, alley or driveway or detracts from the beauty of the cemetery.

Yes. Application for the erection of monuments, headstones, benches or urns shall be made to the City Clerk and shall be accompanied by a fee as ordained in the rates and fees schedule. Once a permit is issued, the applicant must effect the delivery of said permit to the Sexton.