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Julmarknad in Historic Bishop Hill...

Prepare for the holidays by attending Julmarknad, or Christmas Market, in Bishop Hill.

Hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. November 27, November 28, and December 5.

On November 29 and December 6, the hours are from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

In Sweden, the Julmarknad tradition started in the 14th century, with the market typically held in the town square. The attractions in Bishop Hill include Swedish folk characters, traditional Swedish holiday decorations, and unique Christmas gifts for sale. The traditional foods and handicrafts offered for sale give a glimpse of life in the past, as well as the opportunity to incorporate them into modern life.

All our shops, museums, and restaurants will be open to satisfy your holiday needs.


A working model railroad will be on display in the Steeple Building Museum. Saturday November 28 is also Small Business Saturday, so please support your local economy and shop the small businesses of historic Bishop Hill.

model Train

Due to COVID-19, we do ask our guests to please social distance. Our businesses do require masks indoors and have capacity limits. In addition, due to the changing nature of the pandemic, there is the possibility that additional modifications might be made to Julmarknad. So please check before visiting.


For more information about 2020 Julmarknad activities, please call 309-927-3899, email bhha@mymctc.net, or visit www.visitbishophill.com. Information will also be posted on various Facebook pages including the Bishop Hill Heritage Association and the Bishop Hill Arts Council Facebook pages. Julmarknad events are sponsored, in part, by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency, a state agency.


Local Organizations Provide Financial Support to the BHHA...

The Bishop Hill Heritage Association is pleased to announce that it has received two grants from local organizations. From Community State Bank, the BHHA received a gift of $1,000. Funding for this gift came from CSB’s partner, the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago. This grant will be used to assist with the Heritage’s general operating expenses during the pandemic.

Through their GCF Community Impact Fund, the GalesburgGCF Community Foundation has given $2,500 to the BHHA for a 2021 Program Series at the Dairy Building. Next year is the 175th anniversary of the founding of the Bishop Hill Colony. As part of this anniversary, the Heritage is hosting a series of lectures, workshops, and concerts celebrating the heritage of Bishop Hill. Funding from the Galesburg Community Foundation will partially support these programs.


The BHHA is dedicated to preserving the history of the Bishop Hill Colony and passing it on to future generations. Like many other nonprofit historical organizations, funding has drastically decreased due to lower visitor revenues. These grants will assist us to continue our activities. The Bishop Hill Heritage Association thanks Community State Bank and the Galesburg Community Foundation for their financial support.


Buy A Book, Make A Donation...

• Who Wrote It? You will be purchasing a 6”x9” paperback book written and illustrated by Galva’s artist, Jordan Murray with the foreword by Galva’s Administrator, Mr. David Dyer.

• What Is The Title and What Is It About? A Brush with Fame: Art for History’s Sake is an inspirational book about the mysterious life of a nineteenth century internationally-renown Swedish-American artist who lived and worked in Galva. The book is an unusual illustrated cartoon graphic novella based on fact with a reference to the historic mass migration from Sweden to America. Some of the artist’s learned art techniques will be illustrated and described. His depression will be explained and resolved plus some of his works and tasks are also shown along with selected updates and exhibits.

• Where and When Can I Get One? Pre orders can be made only through Galva’s City Hall with a $15.00 deposit ($3.00 of which goes to Galva’s Wiley House Museum). and you will have to pick up the book at City Hall.. Allow 2-3 weeks for final pickup.

Upon order, please include your: Name- Phone Number- Email Address- Number of copies

• This is a limited time offer of a sneak preview to celebrate the conclusion of years of research. (No orders will be taken after 16 December, 2020)

Murray Book Cover


The Love Tree Sparkles With Your Generosity...

Love Tree Ornaments

Lovve Tree Drop


Small Business Grants Available...

A $220 million second round of BIG aims to provide relief for all types of small businesses, but with a particular focus on businesses downstate, in disproportionately impacted areas (DIAs), and for heavily impacted industry and regions – representing businesses that have been unable to reopen or operating at a severely diminished capacity since the spring.

The second wave of funds includes the following provisions to ensure a wide distribution of funds geographically and across business type:

  • Heavily Impacted Industries - $60 million for heavily distressed industries, such as movie theatres, performing arts venues, concert venues, indoor recreation, amusement parks, and more.
  • Disproportionately Impacted Areas - $70 million set aside for DIAs, defined by zip codes identified by the General Assembly for communities that are most economically distressed and vulnerable to COVID-19.
  • Downstate Communities – DCEO has committed to ensuring that at least half of all remaining funds, totaling more than $100 million, are reserved for businesses in downstate and rural communities of Illinois.
  • Businesses directly affected by regional mitigations implemented by the state or local governments
  • independently owned retail, tourism- and hospitality-related industries including accommodations, and more.
  • Agriculture - $5 million of the remainder of funds will be set aside for livestock production disruptions. Applications will be available in the coming weeks from the Illinois Department of Agriculture.
  • Grants and Loan Forgiveness for Illinois Small Business Emergency Loan recipients - As authorized by the General Assembly, DCEO will offer grants for businesses that have incurred eligible costs to offset loans received under the Illinois Small Business Emergency Loan program. This round of loan forgiveness and grants will go to businesses that have received loans or remain on the wait list and the program will sunset going forward as DCEO and its partners focus on making BIG awards.

Businesses outside the categories listed above are also eligible to apply and receive funding under the program but may be reviewed later than priority businesses. All businesses will receive a decision on their grant application within four to six weeks of application submission.


For More Information



Loan Brochure


Loan Bruchure Page 2


Gary Metiever Produces Galva Levitt Amp Video...




Census Response Rate Map Now Available...

The 2020 Census response rate map shows how cities and towns across the country are now responding. The map will be updated daily around 3 p.m. for everyone to see the response rate in their area and compare it to other areas across the nation.


Bishop Hill Announces Cancellation of Autumn Events...

Due to the pandemic, the following Bishop Hill Heritage Association’s 2020 autumn events have been cancelled:

  1. Dancing Queen, An ABBA Salute concert on August 29, Jordbruksdagarna (Agricultural Days) on September 26-27,
  2. March of the Women concert by Phil Passen on October 10,
  3. Protest Songs of Illinois Workers concert by Bucky Halker on October 24.

These events will not be rescheduled this year. Jordbruksdagarna will return in 2021. We are planning to have other events later on this fall in Bishop Hill, so please call 309 927-3899, email bhha@mymctc.net, or visit https://www.visitbishophill.com/ for more information.


Eagle Enterprises Publishes New Recycling Standards...

Recycle List

View or Print the Recyclables List



American Legion September Events:

Veteran's Breakfast - All veterans are invited to the Galva Legion bets breakfast. This breakfast is held the second Saturday of each month at the Legion Building. Open at 0700. Food is served at 0730. Cost is $8.00.


Galva Arts Council Secures Third Award...

The Galva Arts Council will once again enliven Wiley Park through the second Levitt AMP Galva Music Series, further activating the large, underused green space into a dynamic hub for self-expression, connection and layered arts experiences set to free, live music from across the globe.

The 2020 series aims to deepen community engagement and expand upon community partnerships, creating a weekly communal celebration of the best Galva has to offer.

For photographs of last year's series of concerts, visit our Gallery or visit the official Levitt AMP Galva Facebook page.


Sons of the American Legion...

The Galva American Legion Post #45 has received their charter for a new Sons of the American Legions Squadron.

The Legion is looking for new members to get the squadron rolling.

If you have a parent, grandparent or great grandparent or step parent or step grandparent that was in the military, you are eligible to join.

If interested, please contact Wayne Glisan at (309) 335 - 2931, Lloyd Anderson at (309) 853 - 7347 or Earl Stuckey at (309) 853 - 7917