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Ultra-Marathon Coming To Hennepin...

Ultra marathoners--a growing, international community of runners and racers who  consider a 26.2 mile run a warmup--will race non-stop day and night along 100 miles of Northwest Illinois’ Hennepin Canal State Trail this September 12-13, 2015.


What are the payoffs for running 16 to 30 hours straight? Runners will receive a commemorative belt buckle, possibly a world-record time on the table-flat course, and new attention and resources to help improve the worn-down, 104-mile trail.


Up to 350 racers, supported by more than 1000 crew members and volunteers, will line up for the Hennepin Hundred on Saturday morning, September 12, 2015, in Sterling, Illinois. There are two route options: a 50-mile route that finishes at the canal’s Lock 17 near Wyanet, Illinois, and a 100-mile route that ends at Timbrook Field in Colona, Illinois, near the Quad Cities. The 100-mile route also offers a team relay event.


The 50-mile racers are expected to finish Saturday night, but 100-mile racers will run through the night, most of them finishing early on September 13, 2015. The fastest 100-mile racers will finish in less than 16 hours, averaging nine minutes per mile or less.


The point-to-point ultra-marathon race passes through Illinois’ picturesque rural towns and countryside. It’s these features of the Hennepin Canal State Trail that the Hennepin Hundred’s organizers, MUDD Ultra-running Dudes & Dudettes and Trails for Illinois, hope to promote and enhance. Their goal is to use the attention and some of the proceeds from the race to improve all trails which visitors experience year-round.


A Short Section of the Picturesque Hennepin Canal Trail

Hennepin Canal Trail


"A contiguous 100-mile trail for hiking, biking, snowmobiling, and horseback riding sounds like another great Wisconsin vacation to most Illinoisans--but this 100-mile trail is in Illinois" says Trails for Illinois executive director Steve Buchtel. "Illinoisans don’t know about it because our state has a hard time promoting and maintaining the visitors' experience on our amazing trails. The Hennepin Hundred is already bringing national attention to the trail, and the money we raise can help Illinois improve and promote trail-oriented tourism."


Race director Michele Hartwig of MUDD Ultra-running Dudes & Dudettes says more than 70 runners have already registered for the Hennepin Hundred from ten states including Texas, California, and Hawaii. Registration is limited to 350 racers.


Hartwig thinks trail running races could benefit trails all around the state. "We've already used the Hennepin Hundred to launch an ultra-marathon series called Illinois Ultra Slam!" says Hartwig, "by partnering with three other existing ultra-marathons in Illinois to grow ultra-running and the appreciation of the trails we're all using." Hartwig says a long list of partnering towns and agencies are excited about the attention an international-caliber event can bring to the area. "They understand how unique a course this is and how fast it could be. We could have a world record set that weekend."


Partnering agencies and communities include the Illinois Department of Natural  Resources, the communities of Sterling, Rock Falls, and Colona; the Friends of Hennepin Canal; Quad Cities Convention and Visitors Bureau; Blackhawk Waterways Convention & Visitors Bureau; Henry County Tourism Bureau; and Rock Falls Convention & Visitors Bureau.


There are hundreds of volunteer opportunities available over the race's 36 hours for local groups, clubs, and individuals, from manning aid stations to food runs to helping out on the course. Interested groups and individuals should contact dirtrunner100@yahoo.com.


Find more information on the Hennepin Hundred at muddrunner.com or on Facebook @hennepin100 or dirtrunner100@yahoo.com.


The mission of MUDD Ultra-running Dudes & Dudettes is to bring trail runners together for training, events, education, and community service. More information is available at muddrunner.com.


Trails for Illinois is a statewide, non-profit organization whose mission is to connect Illinois and its communities to a network of non-motorized trails. "We want your home to be your trailhead'" says Buchtel.


More information is available at trailsforillinois.org and on Facebook @trailsforillinois, or e-mail Steve Buchtel at steve@trailsforillinois.org.

Invitation to Bid...

The City of Galva will receive bid quotations for a Model Year 1985 IH S1900 with approximately 81,000 miles over approximately 1,430 hours, AS-IS NO WARRANTY IMPLIED OR EXPRESS.


The truck is powered by an IH 466 backed by an Automatic Allison Transmission. A Ten Foot (10') Henderson Chief Box is mounted on the chassis with Plow Mount on the front. The truck is shod with 10.00 R20 tires and comes with Air Brakes and a Heavy Duty Dana Rear End.


Sealed bids will be received in the office of the City Clerk which is located at 311 N.W. 4th Avenue, Galva, IL 61434 until 4:00 PM, prevailing time, 23 March, 2015, and will be opened in the Board Room at the regularly scheduled meeting of the Galva City Council to be held 23 March, 2015 at 6:00 PM at 311 N. W. 4th Avenue, Galva, IL..


Prospective buyers may inspect the vehicle by setting up an appointment with the City Clerk of the City of Galva at the aforementioned address or by calling 309-932-2555 during normal working hours. All inspections must be completed by 20 March, 2015.


Bidding for the above described vehicle will start at one thousand dollars and no cents ($1,000.00). The City of Galva reserves the right to reject any or all bids.

Murray Remembers Rich Falk...City Participates in Falk Fundraiser...

Like the rest of Galva, Jordan Murray is a Rich Falk fan and has tracked the gentleman-athlete's exploits since watching him practice basketball in Wiley Park. The following is from a draft of a forthcoming brochure about Galva's superstar as envisioned by our artist emeritus, Jordan Murray, and which will accompany the release of his tribute maquette of Mr. Falk. The maquette, which awaits finishing touches by the master and a fundraising to complete, is the fourth in a line of bronze tributes which Murray calls his "Heroes of Galva" series:


"Born to Don and Charlotte Falk of Bishop Hill, Rich was an honor student and was constantly practicing basketball. I remember his practicing basketball in Wily Park while he was a junior at Galva High and I was only in the 6th grade at Lincoln. He was remarkable as he was a star not only in basketball but as a quarterback in football and as an athlete in track. He was named to the second string western Illinois all-conference football team. Nonetheless, his shining glory was in basketball."


Murray continues: "Even in his sophomore year he scored 421 points, scored 637 points as a junior but in his senior year in 1959-60, he put up 833 points in 28 games for an average of 29.7 points per game. A remarkable feat as there wasn't a 3-point shot back then!"


Jordan works on Falk


Murray's clay study of Falk stands about 22" high and is to be cast in bronze with a 1/4" wall. When finished, the tribute will weigh about 40 pounds. Murray notes that Rich Falk was much admired for his six foot muscular frame and while in Galva sported a widows-peak hair line and flat top hair style that did nothing but add to his signature clean-cut image. Naturally, Murray's tribute will have Falk sporting his Galva basketball jersey, and when finished, the bronze will be supported by a hand-crafted custom base.


Murray and Falk


Murray anticipates that he will need about $5,000 dollars to finish the piece with the bulk of those funds going to the bronze and casting; and the City of Galva is proud to act as the agent for the requisite funds. Help us pay tribute to this hero of Galva and bring your donations by City Hall or drop them in the mail to us with a note that the money is to be used only for the Rich Falk tribute.


Jordan Murray in his studio

Murray in his studio


Two Day Food Safety Course for Wholesale and Retail Producers...

The Henry County Economic Development Parnership announces a two day food saftey course designed to provide attendees the knowledge needed to prepare for an inspection by the USDA, FDA or state and local authorities. The course will be held on February 23rd and February 25th from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm at the Quad City Food Hub, 421 West River Drive, Davenport, IA and will cover the following topics:Food Hub Logo

  • good agricultural practices
  • good hygiene practices
  • facilities design
  • microorganisms
  • food safety practices and sanitation, and
  • the application process to apply for licensing

The cost is $40.00 which covers the course, the test fee and includes a 1GB flash drive containing all applicable federal, state and local laws.


FSSMC is available for an additional $35.00.




ServSafe Food Manager 6th Eddition manual is available for an additional $50.00. A ServSafe Manager exam will be given for certification at the end of the course.Food safety begins on the farm logo


Instructor Sheri Saskowski is a credentialed food safety and sanitation instructor, certified by the National Environmental Health Association, ServSafe, the State of Illinois, and more. Additional qualifications include the Certified Professional of Food Safety (CP-FS) credential by the National Environmental Health Association and certifications by Cornell University in Good Manufacturing Practices and Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) Produce Safety. She currently provides ServSafe Manager and ServSafe Handler courses in the Quad Cities and is a Contracted Food Safety Instructor by Northeast Iowa Community College in Dubuque.




henry county economic development partnership logo


Event Brochure


Galva American Legion Announces Upcoming Events...

The Galva American Legion announces three upcoming events:

  1. Community Breakfast to be held Sunday, 11 January, from 7:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. at the Galva Legion Building located at 45 Wallace Street
  2. Community Breakfast to be held Sunday, 8 February, from 7:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. at the Galva Legion Building located at 45 Wallace Street.
  3. Texas Holdem Tournament to be held Saturday, 21 February from 5:00 p.m. until someone wins.

For breakfast, the Legion will be serving all you can eat pancakes, sausage, bacon, eggs, biscuits and gravy, coffee, milk and orange juice. Pop and bottled water are available for an extra charge and a donation of $6.00 is appreciated.


Sign in starts at 5:00 p.m. on the 21st for the Holdem Tournament and play will start at 6:00 p.m. The entry fee is $50 and one re-buy will be available for $25.00. Food and drink will be available.


Galva American Legion Building located at 45 Wallace Street




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