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Murray Remembers Rich Falk...City Participates in Falk Fundraiser...

Like the rest of Galva, Jordan Murray is a Rich Falk fan and has tracked the gentleman-athlete's exploits since watching him practice basketball in Wiley Park. The following is from a draft of a forthcoming brochure about Galva's superstar as envisioned by our artist emeritus, Jordan Murray, and which will accompany the release of his tribute maquette of Mr. Falk. The maquette, which awaits finishing touches by the master and a fundraising to complete, is the fourth in a line of bronze tributes which Murray calls his "Heroes of Galva" series:


"Born to Don and Charlotte Falk of Bishop Hill, Rich was an honor student and was constantly practicing basketball. I remember his practicing basketball in Wily Park while he was a junior at Galva High and I was only in the 6th grade at Lincoln. He was remarkable as he was a star not only in basketball but as a quarterback in football and as an athlete in track. He was named to the second string western Illinois all-conference football team. Nonetheless, his shining glory was in basketball."


Murray continues: "Even in his sophomore year he scored 421 points, scored 637 points as a junior but in his senior year in 1959-60, he put up 833 points in 28 games for an average of 29.7 points per game. A remarkable feat as there wasn't a 3-point shot back then!"


Jordan works on Falk


Murray's clay study of Falk stands about 22" high and is to be cast in bronze with a 1/4" wall. When finished, the tribute will weigh about 40 pounds. Murray notes that Rich Falk was much admired for his six foot muscular frame and while in Galva sported a widows-peak hair line and float top hair style that did nothing but add to his signature clean-cut image. Naturally, Murray's tribute will have Falk sporting his Galva basketball jersey, and when finished, the bronze will be supported by a hand-crafted custom base.


Murray and Falk


Murray anticipates that he will need about $5,000 dollars to finish the piece with the bulk of those funds going to the bronze and casting; and the City of Galva is proud to act as the agent for the requisite funds. Help us pay tribute to this hero of Galva and bring your donations by City Hall or drop them in the mail to us with a note that the money is to be used only for the Rich Falk tribute.


Jordan Murray in his studio

Murray in his studio


Galva American Legion Announces Upcoming Events...

The Galva American Legion announces three upcoming events:

  1. Community Breakfast to be held Sunday, 11 January, from 7:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. at the Galva Legion Building located at 45 Wallace Street
  2. Community Breakfast to be held Sunday, 8 February, from 7:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. at the Galva Legion Building located at 45 Wallace Street.
  3. Texas Holdem Tournament to be held Saturday, 21 February from 5:00 p.m. until someone wins.

For breakfast, the Legion will be serving all you can eat pancakes, sausage, bacon, eggs, biscuits and gravy, coffee, milk and orange juice. Pop and bottled water are available for an extra charge and a donation of $6.00 is appreciated.


Sign in starts at 5:00 p.m. on the 21st for the Holdem Tournament and play will start at 6:00 p.m. The entry fee is $50 and one re-buy will be available for $25.00. Food and drink will be available.


Galva American Legion Building located at 45 Wallace Street


Casting Call...

Denise Karlström is working with casting in Sweden, for the production company Meter Television. Meter is known for TV programs such as "The Biggest loser", “Masterchef” and the NBC hit "Min it to win it".


Meter Television is now conducting a nationwide casting search for season 5 of the nominated TV series, "Allt för Sverige"; (The previous working title of the show was "Great Swedish Adventure").


Meter is looking for outgoing, fun and adventurous people for next season. You must be an American of Swedish descent and never have visited Sweden or any of the other Scandinavian countries before.


Do you know anyone with a little bit of Swedish blood that might want to find out about their heritage?!!

The deadline to apply is Feb 15, 2015. The show will be shooting in the summer 2015.


To learn more or to apply for the show please visit the Great Swedish Adventure Website.


Download the Official Brochure.

For Immediate Release....



Dixline Corporation, a leading provider of decorative finishing and EMI shielding coatings, today announced that it is expanding its facilities and capacity. This expansion includes a 275 ft building expansion and increases Dixline's electroplating, PVD metallizing and plastic injection molding capacity and will enable Dixline to increase production capabilities to handle new business growth.


"We are investing in new facilities and processing equipment to support new customers and growth we are seeing across all of our finishing lines. This investment allows us to offer our customers the newest plastic electroplating technology, chrome finishing, PVD metallizing technology and finishing capabilities" said David Fenton, COO/CFO. "The expansion is in addition to our leading technology and capabilities in providing decorative bright and antique finishes on plastic, steel, zinc and brass. "


Dixline Corporation began over 90 years ago by providing casket hardware to the funeral industry. Today, Dixline offers their advanced finishing services throughout the decorative finishing markets in the window/door, agricultural, consumer hardware and automotive accessory industries.


Dixline is experiencing growth and acquiring new customers in all of these industries. "We are definitely on our way to achieve our business plan objectives and expanding our customer base," added David Thomson & Kevin Thomson, co-owners of Dixline.


The company has started its construction and equipment additions both inside and outside of its facility in Galva, IL and plans to have the investment operational over the next 18 months.


Founded in 1924, Dixline Corporation is a decorative finishing and EMI shielding company serving the US and international markets. Dixline's history is in providingDixline Logo decorative casket hardware to the burial casket industry but has evolved into providing decorative finishes and raw part manufacturing across many end-consumer and OEM industries.


Finishing services include bright and antique electroplate finishes, bright PVD vacuum finishes and powder coating. Also on-site are manufacturing capabilities including zinc die casting, plastic injection molding, steel stamping, punching and roll forming. Dixline also provides its DemeShield™EMI Shielding product for the electronics packaging industry. Additionally, various assembly services are offered to provide customers with a true one-stop solution. For more information about Dixline, visit its website at www.dixline.com.


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